Photos from V0617 (Gołdap - Mikołajki - Gołdap)

Photos: Oleg Yakovenko (/44.64)
Comments: Oleg Yakovenko (/44.64)

Photo No 1. The way we attached bicycles to a car - 1

Photo No 2. The way we attached bicycles to a car - 2

Photo No 3. Our first stop in Banie Maz. Sergey drinks some vigorous mix of tea and XTC

Photo No 4. Are you gangsters? - No, we're Russians!

Photo No 5. After tea (with XTC) Sergey decides to have some Siamese twins twix

Photo No 6. BOMZHs in the city! ;)

Photo No 7. It's not just a simple phone...

Photo No 8. ...It can send SMS's and even E-mails

Photo No 9. Oleg's dirty leg - the waterproof suit was dirty on the inside

Photo No 10. Here was our second stop, Gizycko

Photo No 11. Bus stops are really convenient when raining

Photo No 12. It was early morning when we came to Mikolajki and it had already lightened

Photo No 13. The goal of our trip - Hotel Golebiewski

Photo No 14. This is a polish hospitality, we were offered some tea when we came to a hostel

Photo No 15. Our wet luggage

Photo No 16. In the hostel (Wolne Pokoje)

Photo No 17. Clothes are going to dry out here

Photo No 18. In a kitchen of the hoslel

Photo No 19. After the night driving one needs to sleep

Photo No 20. After the night driving one needs to sleep - 2

Photo No 21. After the sleep after the night driving one needs to eat

Photo No 22. Mezenov outside of the hostel

Photo No 23. Fishermen are coming!

Photo No 24. Sergey in a waterpark

Photo No 25. This thing is called a 'WC pan'

Photo No 26. One can really ride in these gutters

Photo No 27. The outside part of the waterpark

Photo No 28. The outside part of the waterpark (for children)

Photo No 29. Want some sunburn?

Photo No 30. No comments ;)

Photo No 31. Aquapark is right near the hotel

Photo No 32. Jumps are forbidden... but we're from Russia

Photo No 33. Doesn't it look like a sea?

Photo No 34. It's 80 degrees centigrade in a sauna

Photo No 35. Some resort area (Salt cave)

Photo No 36. Some resort area (Tropic park)

Photo No 37. Nice birdie, isn't it

Photo No 38. Jacuzzi... that what one needs after a night ride under rain

Photo No 39. Sergey in the WC pan

Photo No 40. Alexey in the WC pan

Photo No 41. Pedestrian bridge in Mikolajki

Photo No 42. Some nice views from the bridge - 1

Photo No 43. Some nice views from the bridge - 2

Photo No 44. Zywiec? Why not! - Eating out

Photo No 45. Tourist's part of Mikolajki

Photo No 46. That bridge is seen from another one

Photo No 47. The pack looks very small comparing to ours

Photo No 48. A gas station just near a building

Photo No 49. Polish road signs

Photo No 50. The place we had tea in when we came

Photo No 51. Parked bicycles right near the hostel

Photo No 52. Got some beer?

Photo No 53. The weather on the way back was really different - it was sunny

Photo No 54. Surprize (an English equivalent of preved)

Photo No 55. Sergey and a goat (from left to right)

Photo No 56. This one resembles Polish officials

Photo No 57. Ladybird shop in Gizycko

Photo No 58. A hand driven bicycle

Photo No 59. Mucha nie siada - Leaves nothing to be desired

Photo No 60. Bar Mlin ;) The next one is Bar Mlia

Photo No 61. BOMZHs again!

Photo No 62. It's funny how they call a lawn

Photo No 63. Inside a church

Photo No 64. Outside the church

Photo No 65. A road sign in Goldap - near the frontier

Photo No 66. Waiting for Alexey in Goldap

Photo No 67. Blacha.... mucha ! ;)

Photo No 68. Here he is!

Photo No 69. We thought that this Gas stantion is closed long time ago

Photo No 70. Russian side - home, sweet home

Photo No 71. This special device is used to fully fill the car's tank

Photo No 72. It liked the disk brake