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Zhuravliniy Klin

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30 June -13 July there is going to take place 14th biking tour “Zhuravliniy Klin” along the border of the Kaliningrad region and Poland. We are going to visit (route): in Russia: Kaliningrad - Pravdinsk - Zheleznodorozhny - Ozersk - Vishtynets Lake - Krasnolesie. In Poland: Goldap - Olsztyn - Elblag - Malbork - Gdynia - Krynica-Morska - Frombork - Braniewo - Mamonovo.

Total route: 999 km+ 1 m. Travelling speed: 15-20 km per hour.
Costs of the tour are 15-16.000 Rub. Amount of participants is limited (in Poland). In the Kaliningrad region you may join any time after you call a contact number.
Please send your application to: Skype: klinto71, mobile: 007 962 252 7130. Application deadline for people from other towns and cities is May 30, (due to the border zone permission requirement).
Each participant must carry the inner passport and the residence registration in the Kaliningrad region, participants from other towns and cities must carry the border zone permission and documents to enter Poland. Your bicycle must have a headlight, a tail light (blinking light) and a ringing bell. Also you must have a reflective vest and a helmet.
Starting time and place will be announced to you after the manager admits your application!


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